At the Heart of it All

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At the Heart of it All is the clean and wholesome version of Could This Be Love.

***The Heart Knows series books are the clean and wholesome version of Lee Kilraine’s Cates Brothers books. This is the same romance but with all cursing and sexual situations removed.

**No swearing**

**No sex scenes**

A closed door romance with plenty of chemistry & swoony kisses and then — *fade-to-black.*

All she needed was her picture in the paper. So how did she end up fake-engaged to the Sexiest Man Alive?

Sijan Cates, Hollywood’s biggest star and favorite bad boy, is ordered by his movie studio to stay out of the tabloids. No problem. He heads back to his small, sleepy hometown of Climax, NC, to spend time with his brothers and lie low.
It should have been a great plan.

Avery Danford, desperate to track down her estranged family to help her sister, squeezes into a dress two sizes too small and photobombs the biggest movie star in the world. As his #1 fan!
All to catch her tabloid-loving mother’s attention.
It’s a crazy-pants plan.

Made crazier by an amazing kiss–caught by the paparazzi.
Aaaand… that’s how Sijan and Avery end up *fake-engaged*.

The new plan is to quietly “break up” when the paparazzi loses interest.
A plan that should work…
If Sijan doesn’t feel a burning need to give Avery a starring role in his personal life. For real.
If Avery doesn’t fall hard and fast for last year’s World’s Sexiest Man.

But you know what they say… The best-laid plans of Hollywood stars and fake fans oft go astray.
Which is to say explode in their faces.

At the Heart of it All is a full-length fun small-town enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy featuring a hot celebrity, a desperate woman, a fake fiancé, a town grapevine working overtime, secrets, the sorriest-looking pair of bald dogs, and swoony kisses and hot chemistry. No cursing. No sex scenes. No cheating. No cliffhanger. A romance with heat, humor, heart and a sigh-worthy HEA.

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