Change of Heart

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Change of Heart is the clean and wholesome version of You Can’t Hurry Love.

***The Heart Knows series books are the clean and wholesome version of Lee Kilraine’s Cates Brothers books. This is the same romance but with all cursing and sexual situations removed.

**No swearing**

**No sex scenes**

A closed door romance with plenty of chemistry & swoony kisses and then — *fade-to-black.*

Lawyer Paxton Cates has his path to a judgeship all mapped out, except his bachelor status is keeping him off too many of the guest lists where all the real networking is done.

So when Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes Joyner—the bane of his youth—calls him for help, he sees a chance for them to help each other.

What’s a little quid quo pro between enemies?

High school English teacher Jolene Joyner is in trouble for the first time in her perfect life.

When she lands in jail, she needs to call her life-long nemesis for help. He’ll help—for a price.

All she has to do is…

Pose as Paxton’s fake girlfriend!

Who’s going to believe that?

And there’s one other teensy, weensy problem…

After a lifetime of being good, Jo really loves being bad. In fact, she has plans to be bad more often.

A good girl would warn Paxton, but a bad girl…she’ll let him figure it out for himself.

Change of Heart is a full-length, small-town enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy featuring a good girl going bad, a by-the-book lawyer going off script, a B & E to save a dog, and two people finally figuring out why they’ve rubbed each other the wrong way forever. No swearing. No sex scenes. No cheating. No cliffhanger.

A romance with heat, humor, heart and a sigh-worthy HEA.

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