Follow Your Heart

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Follow Your Heart is the clean and wholesome version of Bringing Delaney Home.

***The Heart Knows series books are the clean and wholesome version of Lee Kilraine’s Cates Brothers books. This is the same romance but with all cursing and sexual situations removed.

**No swearing**

**No sex scenes**

A closed door romance with plenty of chemistry & swoony kisses and then — *fade-to-black.*

Quinn Cates:
Crush on his best friend’s sister…check.
Five years later: totally over it… check.
Only his best friend says her sister’s in trouble and needs Quinn to bring her home.
Yeah, so now Delaney’s back and that lie he told himself…the one about being over her?
Not. Even. Close.

Delaney Lyons:
Tour in Afghanistan as an Army nurse…check.
Five years later: a Purple Heart, survivor’s guilt, and a drunk pity party for one on the kitchen floor…check, check aaand check.
Only her little sister’s best friend comes barging into Delaney’s life and drags her home.
Yeah, so now she’s back and the lie she tells herself…the one about not being attracted to Quinn?
Not. Even. Close.

Second chances don’t come around often… Delaney gets a second chance at life and love…but is she strong enough to take it? Quinn gets a second chance at the girl who got away…but is he strong enough to handle the woman she’s become?

Follow Your Heart is a second chance at romance sure to touch your heart. You’ll laugh and cry and fall in love with Delaney, Quinn and the whole town of Climax North Carolina.

No swearing. No sex scenes. Just a sweet love story with a lot of heart, humor and a sigh-worthy HEA.

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