Healing Hearts

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Healing Hearts is the clean and wholesome version of Crazy Love.

***The Heart Knows series books are the clean and wholesome version of Lee Kilraine’s Cates Brothers books. This is the same romance but with all cursing and sexual situations removed.

**No swearing**

**No sex scenes**

A closed door romance with plenty of chemistry & swoony kisses and then — *fade-to-black.*

She probably should NOT have told her boss he has a small…tool.

The new member of Tynan Cates’s construction crew might just drive him crazy. She claims she’s got construction experience but…She’s afraid of heights. (Climbing ladders is part of the job.) She’s a hazard with a hammer. (And every other tool.) And she suggested he had a small…you know what? Never mind about that.

Lulubelle Swan tells her new boss she’s experienced. No, not like that. In construction. A Big. Fat. Lie. But she needs help getting her life unstuck after tragic loss. The former soldier is just the man to help. Except she can’t get him to talk about his past.

Ty wants to block out the past and live in peace. The last thing he wants is some pint-sized pixie to stir up things long-buried. No matter how sexy she is.
Lu wants to get unstuck so her family can stop worrying. The last thing she wants is some muscle-bound ex-soldier to make her feel things again. Sexy things.

Sometimes, instead of getting what you want, life gives you what you need. If you’re lucky.

Healing Hearts is a full-length small-town romance featuring a grumpy ex-soldier, a woman lying her butt off to gain closure, a pushy three-legged rescue dog and his cat, and a tight-knit family of brothers. It’s a romance about learning to live—and love—again after loss. A little heat, a lot of heart, some humor and a sigh-worthy HEA.

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