Hidden Hearts

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Hidden Hearts is the clean and wholesome version of Love 2.0.

***The Heart Knows series books are the clean and wholesome version of Lee Kilraine’s Cates Brothers books. This is the same romance but with all cursing and sexual situations removed.

**No swearing**

**No sex scenes**

A closed door romance with plenty of chemistry & swoony kisses and then — *fade-to-black.*

Mirabel Diaz

Former accountant. New job: delivering singing birthday-grams. Dressed as Elvis.

Life would be easier if men came with warning labels.

Stamped right on their forehead.

“Warning: possessive, abusive, vindictive jerk.” (aka the “Devil in Disguise.”)

But they don’t. Which is why she’s on the run, looking for the one man she’d heard can help her disappear.

His identity is a secret, but Mira tracks him down to Climax, North Carolina.

Kaz Cates.

Computer expert and master hacker. Side job: helps abused women disappear.

The Problem: Kaz Cates says he can’t help Mira.

He says she’s got the wrong man.

But if that’s true, why does everything about him feel so right?

Kaz doesn’t trust her. She doesn’t trust easily either. (Talk about “Suspicious Minds.”)

But Mira feels sure Kaz can help her—it just might not be what either of them plans.

Because Mira’s falling for the computer geek.

Yep. She’s—wait for it—“All Shook Up.”

Only Mira’s ex is hot on her trail and he’s looking for “T-R-O-U-B-L-E.”

It’s Now or Never” for Mira and Kaz.

Hidden Hearts is a full-length small-town romance featuring a woman on the run, a master hacker with a white knight soul, a peanut-butter cracker loving, car-chasing bull, a close-knit family of brothers, possibly the absolute worst moment for a woman to go into labor, and a surprising act of heroism.

No cursing. No sex scenes. Just a little heat, a lot of heart, some humor and a sigh-worthy HEA.

Oh, and Elvis! 

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