5 Reasons Pie Won’t Seduce Me

I was going to write a post about pie yesterday, and then I decided that would be bad. It’s only a week into the new year and many people, myself included, are attempting to eat healthier which isn’t always easy in the beginning. I personally do best when I just flat-out eliminate some things from

Cleaning Up My Act

Here was my last breakfast before getting back to cleaner eating tomorrow.¬†¬†By cleaner eating I mean no sugar, alcohol, wheat or¬†processed foods. The¬†fruit is okay in small portions,¬†but it’s goodbye sweet, sweet granola.¬†The Engineer and I eat mostly primal meals anyway, it just seems that vacation time (like too many slices¬†of Junior’s cheesecake in NYC)


On Good News: Did you hear? The government says we can have up to 5…yes, 5, cups of coffee a day! And it’s good for us. 5! Studies suggest caffeine may reduce a coffee drinker’s risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Plus- there’s a possibility that it protects against the development of Parkinson’s