A Writer’s Brain or Sneaky Spiders?

I have an overactive imagination. Which is great for writing, sure, but in real life it can be a pain in the behind. But…it came in handy a few days ago and saved me from a run-in with a sneaky spider. Here’s what happened… The other night as I was brushing my teeth I saw

Image #Goals

New #goals… I like setting goals, especially when it’s because I’ve achieved some of my goals so it’s time to set new ones. But there is also something about every change of season that makes it feel like a new chance to reevaluate or reaffirm where I’m going in my life. It’s too easy to get caught up in all the things swirling around and lose sight of what my priorities are and if I’m still on the path to achieve them. It’s too easy to veer off and wander around (on social media, the news, negative thoughts, a really good book) and get lost. Granted, sometimes when the world or my own life if full of bad news, I need to get lost a few hours for a mental health break. But then I’ve got to check back in. Saddle up and get back to it. #Life #Goals #FindThePositive 

So here we go. #Goals…

  • drink more water
  • no internet until after pages are written each day
  • make time for friends and fun
  • volunteer/make the world a better place in my little corner of the world
  • pick a writing project that stretches me
  • get back into blogging 2x/week
  • pick a paint color for the dining room and get it painted!
  • exercise
  • sit out in nature. find the sacred. appreciate the moments and the people around me.

Got any new goals for this season? Go ahead and list one in the comments. We can be in this together. 😉 

Excerpt of Bringing Delaney Home

  I just thought I’d share, in case you might be interested, Chapter 1 of BRINGING DELANEY HOME is posted over at Kensingtonbookstumblr.com . 🙂 Release day is exactly three weeks away. In three weeks, I’ll have achieved my long-held dream of becoming a published author. I say dream because it is something I’ve thought about since