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Sometimes I’ll run a giveaway or a “name a character in a book” contest. But…if you’d like more interaction then please come visit me here on my website (my blog!) or come find me on Facebook. Those two places are where most of the shenanigans happen. From silly fun to deep conversations about life and good books. Also kids, family, my dog Harley, bacon, and cheeseburgers. Possibly bacon cheeseburgers. Pretty much anything.
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 <—Harley. That’s her “I’m done with writing and let’s go for a walk” face.

2 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Joanne

    Love your stories. Just finished the Cates series. Wondering if you will write a story about Georgie and Gage?

    • leekilraine

      Hi, Joanne! I’m so happy you love the Cates Brothers! I love hearing that. My answer to your question is a good news/bad news one. Yes, I do plan on writing Georgie and Gage’s book. (It’ll be self-published.) But it won’t be soon as I’ve committed to and started a new series I’m excited about. But if you need another group of close-knit brothers until then check out my Thorne Brothers. These guys might even be closer than the Cates brothers. 🙂 Thanks, Joanne!

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