The Cates Brothers Boxed Set

Stop me if you’ve heard this one… Five brothers—a movie star, a cop, a former soldier, a computer wiz, and a lawyer—walk into a diner

And the town grapevine gets busy reporting the play-by-play as each Cates brother finds love in their own unique ways…

Sijan has love thrown at him. Ready or not.
Quinn kidnaps his. Sort of.
Tynan knows he doesn’t deserve love, but it sneaks in anyway–like an impostor in the night.
Kaz gets “all shook up.” (Thank you. ThankYouVeryMuch.)
Paxton ends up flirting with the enemy.

This box set includes 5 full-length romances:
The Movie Star’s Fake #1 Fan
Still Crushing on his Best Friend’s Older Sister
Lying to Her Grumpy New Boss
Falling for the Computer Geek
You Can’t Hurry Love

The Cates Brothers is the feel good, sometimes over-the-top (in a good way), laugh-out-loud, banter-filled, emotional, tear-jerking, tug on your heart strings, sweet and sexy small town romance series you can escape into.

So, head to Climax and meet the Cates brothers and the women who steal their hearts (And maybe their sanity!) on the way to their HEA. There’s always fresh pie and fresher gossip at the diner waiting for you!

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