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Welcome! Let’s enjoy a glass of sweet tea or a cup of coffee and relax. Slow things down a little and talk about books and other things that catch our fancy. 
Click here <— to read the deleted scene from YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE (book #5 in the Cates Brothers Series.) 

Also, I’m taking a poll. For those of you who have read the Cates Brothers Series, which character would you like to see a story for…

Leave your answer in a comment below! 

  1. Barbara (who is in every book, but she redeems herself in LOVE 2.0 enough to maybe deserve a HEA.) 
  2. Georgie (Jolene’s bff in YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE and Hawk’s sister in WANTED: MOM FOR CHRISTMAS.)
  3. Dave (the owner and cook of Dave’s Diner.)
  4. Pia (Avery’s bff in COULD THIS BE LOVE?) 
  5. ____________ (fill in a favorite character of yours I missed!) 

Favorite Things (in no specific order):

puppies, coffee, front porch swings, salted caramel, windy days, the beach, starry skies, friends, bacon cheeseburgers, hydrangeas, a freshly made bed, onion rings, the smell of fresh-cut grass, Autumn, Freddy Mercury, peony bushes, dogs, bees, dogwood trees, red wine, family, a toasty fire on a cold winter day, a good book, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stevie Wonder, Texas, walking through the woods, Caesar salad, soft yellow, antique stores, quilting fabric, old photographs, Gene Kelly musicals, a clean house, cold beer at a baseball game, laughing, fuzzy socks, kids, good news, blue jeans, broken-in cowboy boots, the first signs of spring, over-sized sweaters, Bruce Willis movies, singing along with “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen while driving with the windows open on a warm day, making people smile, Billy Joel, grapefruit, peaches in the summer, the anticipation of snow, the feeling after I’ve exercised…

To be continued…


  1. I’d love a prequel with Mom & Pop Cates, how they met, fell in love, etc and raised those crazy boys! Including parents and/or early stories of other Climax significant others, Joyners, Savages, etc. Georgie and Gage definitely need to get together in a future book. I also love Renee at the diner and would like her to finally find her man. We also know almost nothing about Cooter who, besides being a great mechanic, also had a crush on Delaney in high school – but which guy didn’t?! Question: Paxton Cates had accepted payment of a Pokémon card for his services, so was he HL’s Secret Santa? Doesn’t matter, all the Cates brothers & Hawk Savage are all yummy, stories are great, enjoyed each one and the unique personalities of each heroine. Thanks for the memorable characters!

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed all the brothers and their heroines, Janet! I love hearing that! I agree with you that Georgie and Gage need a book! It’s simmering away on a back burner for now. And, wow, I can imagine Renee’s love story would be a hoot! But a prequel of Mom & Pop Cates…. I never thought of that–but it would be awesome!

      On your question, Paxton wasn’t HL’s Secret Santa but that does actually make sense. What happened is while Paxton did accept the Pokémon card as payment (mentioned in YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE) and Hawk also notices HL’s favorite Pokémon card is missing (mentioned in WANTED) the scene where that “transaction” takes place between Paxton and HL never made it into Paxton’s book because the book was running too long! It was *supposed* to be the last installment of HL’s search for a mom. Which is why Paxton’s story was the only one w/out the HL story thread in it. Thanks for reading and loving Hawk and the Cates brothers!

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